12 Tips to Have a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

I’m excited that we’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our family this year.  We usually travel, but it’s a special time when you can host it in your own house.  I know many of you will be doing the same and are trying to watch your money closely.  So I decided to do a little research to come up with ways to save money for Thanksgiving dinner and found some great tips.

Check out these tips from Epicurious, Life as a Mom and TLC to save money and plan inexpensive Thanksgiving meals:

Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

  1.  Know your top priorities and focus on the things you can’t do with out. If desert is important focus on having one or two, but don’t feel like you have to go overboard to please.
  2. You could change the main dish to chicken to save money. Of course, many people are expecting a Turkey on Thanksgiving.
  3. If you’re buying a Turkey buy frozen and supermarket brands to save a little extra.
  4. You can also stick to traditional food with fewer ingredients to make it less complicated and save money. Traditional green beens, mash potatoes, gravy, etc. are favorites.
  5. Buy generic brands for less important things on your list. No one will know the difference.
  6. Buy food that’s in season.
  7. Don’t go overboard with trying to feed 30 when you’re only going to have 10 at your house. It’s easy to get excited and cook big meals, but people are generally happy with one and sometimes two helpings.
  8. Make a lit of what you need and check your pantry before going to the store. There’s no reason to buy something you already have.
  9. Make sure you start shopping as early as possible. Start your list early and start stocking up a few weeks in advance.
  10. Start watching ads in the papers to find the best deals and compare prices from several stores.
  11. Let friends and family contribute to the meal. It can be a lot of fund when everyone brings their favorite side dish or dessert.
  12. If money is just too tight for a big Thanksgiving dinner, you can always get creative and host a Thanksgiving breakfast or lunch.

Overall, don’t stress over the menu and preparation.  Enjoy the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends and have fun!  If something gets burned or doesn’t go well, shake it off and just enjoy the day!

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year?

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