Jason PriceHi, I’m Jason Price (bio).  I’m the author and curator of One Money Design. I’ve dedicated this blog to sharing a collection of biblical financial resources to inspire and encourage faithful stewardship.

I created One Money Design in 2009 and published a wide variety of topics about stewardship and personal finance. I took a break from blogging for almost a year starting in early 2014 and eventually decided to start the blog again, but with a new design and approach (read the announcement).

The topics I share here are all biblical in nature.  According to Howard Dayton, author and founder of Compass Finances God’s Way, there are over 2300 scriptures in the bible about money.

God certainly knew people would encounter challenges with money and so He has provided us His principles to follow in the Bible.

There are many great websites, blogs and resources around the web that share biblical financial principles, but it’s not easy to find them all.  I do all the work for you, curate and share the content (links to articles, quotes, images, etc.) right here.  I publish some of my original content too.

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