One Money Design was created as a blog in 2009 and published a wide variety of topics about financial stewardship and personal finance.

The blog has transitioned into a Christian financial stewardship email newsletter and continues to be dedicated to helping people manage money wisely.

Our vision is that people will grow in their relationship with Christ through the way they manage money.

Curious to know what One Money Design means?

  • One – One owner of money – God
  • Money – A resource provided by God to be managed for His purposes (not ours)
  • Design – God’s Biblical design for managing money

What can you expect to receive in each newsletter?

  • Biblical principles – We share with the Bible says about money to help people learn and follow God’s financial principles for managing money faithfully.
  • Practical tips – Tips to help you overcome common financial challenges such as with budgeting and spending, avoiding debt and saving money.

According to Howard Dayton, author and founder of Compass – Finances God’s Way, there are over 2300 scriptures in the bible about money.

God certainly knew we would encounter challenges with money and He has provided us biblical principles to guide our financial decisions.

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About the Creator

Jason PriceJason Price is a personal finance blogger and the founder of PersonalPennies.com and OneMoneyDesign.com. He’s served in financial coaching ministry for Compass – Finances God’s Way, Crown Financial Ministries and in his local church. He’s also served on the board of directors for Compass Finances God’s Way – Texas. Jason has spoken publicly for the Jumpstart National Educator Conference in support of financial literacy for kids as well as in his local church on the topic of financial stewardship. Learn more about Jason by visiting his personal website.