Best Money Management Software for Mac

I realize many of you out there use a Mac instead of a PC.  As you may know, I’ve been exploring the best money management software in the past few months and I would be remiss not to mention money management software for Mac computers.  While I’m not a Mac owner, I am interested in them and have thought about making the switch from PC to Mac sometime in the future.

Much of the software I mention below can be used with a Mac or PC.  For example, two of my favorite money management software products, Mvelopes (online software) and YNAB (desktop software), both mention on their website they will work with a Mac or PC.   You might consider the free trials to see how they work with your Mac.

You Need a Budget – You Need a Budget, also commonly known as YNAB 3, is desktop envelope budgeting software you install on your computer. As with Mvelopes, you can transfer money between categories.  With this product you have to manually download transactions from your banks and upload them.  You can then assign transactions to spending categories and budget proactively by assigning income to categories (the product tells you how much you have to budget).

[box type="info"]I recently started using YNAB as my household money management software.   Get a free 34 day trial of YNAB[/box]

Quicken Essentials for Mac – Quicken Essentials for Mac provides automatic categorization of transactions, the ability to see all your money and net worth in one place and a money snap shot page that allows you to see bills and where your money is going each month.  It also provides a bill tracking feature to avoid late fees.  This product makes the best money management software for Mac list because Intuit has taken their popular Quicken product and built an entirely new version for the Mac.

Mvelopes money management software for macMvelopes Personal – Mvelopes is popular online envelope budgeting software.  You can create electronic envelopes to manage your money.  Fund envelopes with your paycheck and transfer money between envelopes as needed.  Other features include a debt plan, bill pay and automatic download of your transactions from your financial institution.  The  frequently asked questions states the product will work with a Mac.

Liquid Ledger Money Management Software MacLiquid Ledger – Liquid Ledger, made specifically for a Mac, provides a robust set of features to manage your spending which include scheduling transactions, splitting transactions, detailed transaction information, the ability to import transactions and more.  There is a budgeting feature and you can generate reports and graphs to review your spending.  A free trial is available.

Fortora money management software for macFortora Fresh Finance – Fortora Fresh Finance is also specific money management software for a Mac that provides a robust set of budgeting and money management features.  Core features include budgeting, bill reminders, cash flow reports and the ability to import transactions from your bank.  A free trial is available.

MoneydanceMoneydance money management software for mac – Moneydance provides an overview page which lets you see all your account balances and upcoming or overdue transactions in one place.  There is a budgeting feature, ability to download transactions from your banks, graphing to review your spending and an iPhone application to manage your money on the go.  A free trial is available.

SplashMoney money management software for macSplashMoney – SplashMoney provides the ability to automatically download you spending transactions from your bank along with providing the ability to create and manage a budget.  You can view all your transactions with handy icons established for each type of spending.  SplashMoney also has an iPhone app that synchronizes with the desktop version.  This software also works with the iPad!

SnowMint money management software for macBudget by SnowMint – Budget by Snowmint provides the ability to create a budget, manage transactions manually or import from your financial institution, set up reminders and track investments.  SnowMint also provides a deb reduction application as well as an iPhone app.  Free trials are available for all SnowMint products.

iCash money management software for maciCash – iCash by MaxProg provides all the basic functionality to help you control your expenses and track spending.  It can be used for personal or small business use with what seems to be a heavier emphasis on accounting software for a small business.  It has robust reporting and search features and includes the ability to manually import transactions from your financial institution.  A free trial is available.

I know I’ve probably missed some products that should be listed here in my best money management software for mac post.  I welcome your comments on any of these produces, or if you’ve found a product that has worked particularly well for you that’s not listed.

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Jason Price is a family man saved by grace, passionate about faithful financial stewardship (1 Cor 4:2 NIV), soccer and the Pacific sun.

  • Brian R

    You forgot the best ones
    Moneywell (what I use) is the best envelope program, with a 2.0 release soon to add some missing features

    There there is iBank which is more of a quicken clone

    • Jason Price

      Brian, thanks a lot for the tips. As I mentioned, I’m not a Mac user, so I knew I’d forget a few good ones. I’ll check these two out!

  • Andrew (Head Social Media Elf @ GRS)

    Jason -

    You’re missing the first Mac app that had a functioning iPhone app: Money. (Cha-Ching was technically the first w/an iPhone app but development stopped with no feedback until they announced a merger w/Intuit)

    I think they deserve a good look because their application and iPhone app have been working together the longest and I think the app is VERY robust!


    • Jason Price

      Thanks Andrew! This is why I love blogging. The community makes this post complete!

  • Kc

    Hello, a friend sent your link to me to help with my frustrations when converting from PC to Mac.  I winced with astonishment when I read your review on Quicken Essentials for Mac.  If you have not dealt with this program, please research more before you give a good recommendation.  After using Quicken for over a decade, on my PC.  I thought I would try the Quicken Essentials for Mac (only option for my Mac Lion).  This is a flawed program, many bugs, and cannot do a simple reconciliation. The Quicken Support is less than desirable, reading the same line from a script, over and over. Please do not give good reviews, as it is a complete waste of money, space and time.

    • torp

      agreed at all points.

  • Davepenn

    Hello, I have been using the Quicken for Mac for about 1 year. Since I am now trying to organize my taxes I have gone over the cliff. Prior to switching to a Mac I used Quicken for about 10 years. It did every thing just fine including organizing my tax information. This useless Quicken for Mac should be scrapped, it is so frustrating that I had to return to the old fashioned method to complete my taxes. All I rally need is something to keep records on income and expenses and to tag tax items. Does anyone have a recommendation for a soft ware program for Mac?

    • torp

      I just converted from quicken for mac 2007 to essentials. It is a substantial step down. Memorized reports were lost. Reporting for taxes does not appear to be easy at all. I think this one is a write off. Intuit clearly does not want to compete in the apple arena anymore.

  • Donna Smith

    Did I miss it, the email button on your page. Wanted to email this to my hubby, lol.

    • Jason Price

      Hey Donna, just under the article.

  • Corky Plus

    I’m sorry to give you an unsatisfactory comment. You didn’t say which are free, if any, what they cost if it is a one time purchase or a yearly bleed. Nothing about a basic program for a few of us who just want a basic account monitoring program that easily creates categories keeps a running balance will print a yearly comprehensive report by category to take to the CPA for Income Tax. All the other bells and whistles are for people who have more time to be on their devices than I do. Your reviews are superficial and useless.