11 Christian Personal Finance Blog RSS Feeds

Blog RSSThere are several Christian personal finance blogs around the web you might enjoy reading.  Many of the blogs listed below share personal stories, biblical principles and practical tips.  I’ve included links to their RSS feeds to make it easy to subscribe.

I read and scan a lot of blog RSS feeds using a free AOL Reader account.  There is an app for AOL Reader, but I actually use FeeddlerRSS on my iPhone.  It connects to my AOL Reader account.  I find it easier to use and it has a lot more sharing features.

Consider subscribing to the below Christian personal finance blogs –

  1. Christian Personal Finance
  2. God’s Economy Radio
  3. Bible Money Matters
  4. Money Help for Christians
  5. The Christian Dollar
  6. Faith and Finance
  7. Personal Finance by the Book
  8. Faithful with a Few
  9. Handwriting on the Wall 
  10. Compass – Finances God’s Way
  11. Sound Mind Investing

Do you read a Christian personal finance blog not on this list?  If so, please share it in the comments.

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