Christian Personal Finance Roundup: Options to Start Giving, Bible Verses and More

With a lot of travel last week and over the weekend, I didn’t get a chance to write an article for today. So I thought I would share some articles from other Christian personal finance bloggers, including a post I recently published about getting started with giving.

Three Options for Giving (One Money Design) – “Giving has been a wonderful blessing and honor for Jennifer and me. We haven’t always put God first in our lives. We put our own financial priorities before the Lord in the past. Thankfully, we both decided to take that step of faith and begin tithing consistently about 5 years ago.”

50 Bible Verses About Faith – (Faith and Finance) – “Our faith is an instrument by which we are justified through Christ. It’s also the action through which a person receives the righteousness that comes through Christ (Rom 3:22 and Phil 3:9).”

Bible Verses About How To Get Rich Quick (Bible Money Matters) – “The Bible doesn’t have a lot of verses (that I’m aware of) that talk about how to get rich quick, but it isn’t silent on the topic of getting rich quick. In fact, it talks quite a bit about it.”

What Does the Bible Say About Worrying About Money? (Christian PF) – “Instead of wasting your time with worry, do something practical and effective: Seek the Kingdom of God and righteous living. When you get your priorities straight, God promises to give you everything you need.”

Can God Punish Us By Giving Us Exactly What We Want? (Money Help for Christians) – “God sometimes has an interesting way of dealing with his people. In order to help us turn back to him, he gives us exactly what we ask or desire.”

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