Financial Fitness Tips: Merry Christmas, Club Store Shopping, Make Saving Money Easier and More

Financial Fitness Tips:  Merry ChristmasI’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas!  I hope you’ll find the time to relax and enjoy your loved ones and most importantly, celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, our savior, Jesus Christ.

With that, I’m going to set a good example of rest and spending time with family by taking next week off from blogging. I plan to resume posting again after New Years.

Alright, so on with this edition of the Financial Fitness Tips newsletter.  This week’s tips include thoughts on club store shopping, how to make saving money easier, things you need to know when saving for retirement and much more.

My First Trip to Costco: Why I Hate Club Stores (Enemy of Debt) - I’m not a fan of “club” stores. Vonnie and I have a membership at Sam’s Club, but to me it’s useful only for the selection and price of certain cuts of meat worthy to be put on my smoker. Other than that, I could dump the membership and not miss a beat.

How to make saving money easier (Ask Liz Weston) - Dear Liz: What’s the easiest way to save money? I have the hardest time. I want to save, but I feel that I don’t make enough to start saving. Answer: The easiest way to save is to do it without thinking about it. That usually means setting up automatic transfers either from your paycheck or

Save on Books, Diapers, and Much More With an Amazon Membership Program (Wisebread) - Since its inception, Amazon has dominated cyberspace in terms of print book sales and nowadays, e-book sales. It is a frugal source of literature for millions of bookworms looking to stock their shelves (or Kindles) with books. For the rest of us, it’s a good source for everything else, from tools to toiletries.

I failed – and it brought me here (Dan Miller) - I just did an interview with John Lee Dumas from EntrepreneurOnFire. One of the questions John asked me was this: “Take us to a point in your journey when you failed or when you had a challenge or an obstacle that you just really had to overcome, and then take us through how you overcame that obstacle.”

9 Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn (Inc) - Lots of articles describe how to create a more marketable LinkedIn profile, how to find the right groups to join, how to choose the best profile photo… I should know, I’ve written about that. Oh, and that. Yep, and that too. Since most people understand the value of taking those steps, let’s go deeper.

How to Teach Your Child the Value of Giving (Equifax Blog) - Written by Miranda Marquit on December 17, 2012 in Family Money | No comments As the holiday season gets underway, one of the hardest things to do is figure out how to teach your child the value of giving. For many children, this time of year is all about what they are getting.

Private Schools: Are They Worth The Cost? (Ally Bank) - A few years back, The Center on Education Policy did a to determine whether pre-college private schools outperform public schools academically. While a number of factors came into play, the report generally concluded that private school students didn’t have much of an edge.

7 Must-Do Tips for Retirement Saving (Yahoo Finance) - Imagine yourself at your farewell party as you leave full-time employment and head into . If, on that day, you were to create a line graph representing your retirement savings efforts over the course of your career, that line should tell the story of your life.

5 Reasons to Avoid a Reverse Mortgage (Yahoo Finance) - One of the retirement planning resources that has gained interest in recent years is the reverse mortgage. For many retirees, it seems like a solid idea. You get access to the equity in your home, and the bank makes a mortgage payment to you. It turns your home into a source of income.


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