Financial Fitness Tips: Christmas Gift Boxes, Holiday Shopping, Saving for a Rainy Day and More

It’s hard to believe it’s already November.  Where does the time go?  I was out for a jog last night and noticed a house display Christmas lights.  I was a little shocked thinking it’s a bit early.  At the same time, I know many people, including our family, have started their Christmas shopping.  So today’s blog roundup includes a few posts to help you plan for Christmas shopping and giving.

One Money Design Recap

Open Enrollment Tips and Making Sure Your Health Care Needs are Covered - Don’t make a mistake during open enrollment. Use these tips to insure your health care needs are addressed.

10 Ways to Have Fall Fun on a Budget (Jocelin) -  10 fun things you can do without breaking the budget this fall…enjoy a picnic at the park, free nature programs and more.

Financial Blog Roundup

Financial Fitness TipsHow I Get Things Done (The Simple Dollar) – “This is a step-by-step walkthrough of my system for managing all of the tasks of a person who manages a fairly complicated freelancing career, an involved parent of three young children, a good husband, an active presence in the community, a homeowner, and a few other personal projects in the spare time that remains.”

How to Make Christmas Gift Boxes for Children  (Faithful Provisions) – “ It’s amazing to think about the incredible ministry behind the Christmas shoeboxes that Operation Christmas Child gives away every year.”

Saving for a Rainy Day (and a Long Dry Spell) (Crown – Handwriting on the Wall) – “The origin of the saying “Save it for a rainy day” has been lost, but the meaning remains clear. We should be frugal during “good weather” so that we have something to fall back on when times are bad.”

2 Timothy 1:7 (Compass – Finances God’s Way) – “We should pray and exercise a sound mind by asking the Lord for His direction and wisdom. But once we have received direction, we should not be timid—we should go for the gold!”

11 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping (Financial Highway) – “Every year we worry about finding the perfect Christmas gifts for the people on our list and every year many of us end up straining our budgets. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

Financial Media

Best and Worst Buys of November 2012 (Kiplinger) – “November is a great month for bargain hunters because the prices on many items fall to their lowest points of the year around Black Friday. Here’s what you can expect to find marked down this month”

How to Max Out Your Retirement Plan Contributions (Yahoo Finance) – “If you end up with a raise, immediately appropriate a good portion of that raise to your retirement account contributions. Do this as quickly as possible in order to avoid the problems that can come with lifestyle inflation.”

How to Establish a Salary Range (Monster) – “Establishing a realistic salary range that reflects your actual income requirements is important. Once you’ve done that, the whole process of finding a job becomes much easier, because you know how low you can go and can eliminate prospective jobs that fall outside your range.”

Tools for the Journey

The Root of Riches (Chuck Bentley, Crown CEO)- ”The more money you acquire, the richer you become.”  This ancient belief is presumed to be as true as if it were a guaranteed and proven law of life on par with the law of gravity. Thousands of books have offered steps, formulas, makeovers, investment guides, motivational stories and philosophies to set the non-rich on the sure road to riches. But is there more to becoming rich than the accumulation of money? The Root of Riches is bursting with insight and practical examples.

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