Financial Fitness Tips: Debt and Sin, Ways to Haggle, The Cost of the Flu and More

It feels good when you complete a big project!  If you missed it, I published my financial manifesto this week.  It’s over 5000 words and shares my beliefs and opinions about money, stewardship and more.  This is something I’ve wanted to publish on the blog for a while now.  I think it’s a good way to learn more about the values behind the blog and my personal views on all this money stuff!

One Money Design Recap

What Do You Think of Free Movie Channel Promotions? - Free movie channel promotions may be tempting but are they really worth the extra expense each month?

Financial Blog Roundup

How to Give Investments as a Gift (Money Under 30) – “Here’s a gift option you might not have previously considered: an investment.”

3 Essential Financial Conversations You Need To Have Today (Personal Finance Mastery) – “Whether you’re newly married or been together for decades these 3 topics are essential”

When to Haggle (Five Cent Nickel) – “there’s no doubt that you can save a good bit of money by simply asking for a better price”

Christian Financial Blog Roundup

Proverbs DebtIs Debt a Sin or a Temptation? (Faith and Finance) – “A sin is a sin, and a temptation is something that has the potential to lead to sin.”

What Does The Bible Have To Say About Investing? (Bible Money Matters) – “What the Bible talks about in regards to setting goals, saving and investing, and managing risk”

Is Your Job a Gift from God? (Christian PF) – ““What if God does give each of us meaningful and pleasurable work as a gift … but few people ever take the time to look for the gift or receive it?”

Other Articles I Liked this Week

Best Movies on Netflix: How to Use the Goodfilms App to Find Them (Perkstreet) – “The best movies on Netflix are hard to find. I recently came across the Goodfilms App. Life as I knew it was forever changed.”

5 Things Men Can Learn from Women About Personal Finance (Manilla) – “Men and women differ quite a bit on the way they look at, spend, and save or invest money.”

The Cost Of Getting The Flu (Yahoo Finance) – “While nobody wants to get sick, getting influenza has some serious financial repercussions outside of a fever and running nose.”

Tools for the Journey

My Money Town is a practical tool to help parents and grandparents teach their children about sharing, saving, and spending money in a fun way!

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About Jason Price

Jason Price is a family man saved by grace, passionate about faithful financial stewardship (1 Cor 4:2 NIV), soccer and the Pacific sun.

  • Gillian Money After Graduation

    Congrats on finishing the manifesto ! I’m sure it took a lot of time and effort, and you’re right it shows what your writing is aiming to do.

    • Jason Price

      THANK YOU! I really appreciate the feedback. :)