Financial Fitness Tips: Guide to Black Friday Start Times, Find the Best Deals and More

Black Friday is just a week away and so is my Turkey dinner! I know a lot of people do their Christmas shopping on  Black Friday order to take advantage of all the sales.  So today’s Financial Fitness Tips are dedicated to helping you survive Black Friday and find the best deals out there.

Black Friday Savings Tips

Black FridayTips to Find the Best Deals for Black Friday (One Money Design) – “Follow some of your favorite retailers on Twitter and watch for special announcements and coupons. In fact, you can make a Twitter list of your favorite Black Friday retailers and stay up to date by the minute.”

Even More Black Friday Savings Tips From Shopping Experts (Wise Bread) – “Black Friday veteran Jon Vincent is the co-creator of and, both of which recently merged with Vincent says that Black Friday-dedicated sites make it easier for shopper to plan their attack by providing email alerts, all the ads in one place, and the ease of comparing prices between stores.”

Black Friday Tips & Tricks (Coupon Cravings) – “Price match, price match, price match. Some items are exclusive to certain stores, but the items that are not, make sure to compare ads to find the best price. Then, take your ads with you to make a quick price match and save time and lines.”

Shopping for Big Ticket Items on Black Friday (My Dollar Plan) – “If you’re buying a big ticket item you’ll probably want to do some research as well. First research the item itself. Does it have good reviews? Is it an item that is sold year round or just for the holiday? What is the store’s return policy?”

The Technology to Make the Most of Black Friday (PT Money) – “If you have a smart phone or a tablet, you can use various (free!) apps to help you plan out your shopping plan of attack. TGI Black Friday is pretty universally lauded as the best Black Friday app available, as it can sort deals by both product and store, and it allows you to create a personalized shopping list.”

Your Guide To Black Friday Start Times: Start Planning Extreme Shopping Strategies (The Consumerist) – “We already know that Walmart is pushing back its Black Friday sale start time to 8 p.m. on Thursday (yes, that’s Thanksgiving!), but what about all its competitors? When are those doors going to come banging open to allow the frenzied flow of devoted discounters to get to work?”

 All of Your Black Friday Questions Answered ( – “In the first Google Hangout of what will be many more to come, the Credit Experts teamed up with the well-respected experts at RetailMeNot and Bankrate to answer every Black Friday question imaginable.”

Happy shopping and be careful out there!

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Jason Price is a family man saved by grace, passionate about faithful financial stewardship (1 Cor 4:2 NIV), soccer and the Pacific sun.

  • Chris @ Stumble Forward

    A lot of great post here Jason. I’ve given up on shopping on Black Friday, at least the early Black Friday shopping. Back several years ago I went to Walmart to get one of those cheap DVD players and a lady went so crazy to get one she ran her shopping cart into the entire stack and knocked them all over. All for a DVD player. Why?