Financial Fitness Tips: Manage Irregular Bills, Tax Season Tips, Your Wardrobe and More

There are a number of helpful tips this week which include managing irregular bills that can sneak up on us, tips to start getting ready for tax season (don’t miss last minute deductions) and an investment approach to your wardrobe.  And don’t miss the free eBook giveaway from OMD contributor, Rob Kuban, below in the Tools for the Journey section.

One Money Design Recap

Financial Fitness TipsIn case you missed them, here are the OMD articles from this week:

Financial Blog Roundup

3 Things God Requires of Us Financially (The Christian Dollar) – “Few things reflect more accurately the state of our heart than how we handle the money and possessions that God entrusts with us.”

5 Bad Money Decisons You’ve Made {But Might Not Admit It} (Good Financial Cents) – “Check out these five ways that humans make poor money decisions, and see if you can recognize any of your past blunders.”

If You Have Large, Irregular Bills, Save for Them Automatically (331/365) (The Simple Dollar) – “How can you handle these irregular bills and still achieve financial balance in your life? We do it by saving automatically for these bills.”

Are You Ready for Tax Season? (Money Ning) – “Even though the new year hasn’t started yet, it’s a good idea to start getting ready. After all, you might have a few deductions to squeeze in.”

5 Things We Need To Buy, But Hate To Spend Money On (Sweating the Big Stuff) – “Here are things I consider to be the worst offenders on this “need to buy” list (whether I currently need them or not).”

Financial Media

How to protect yourself and your wallet from the ‘fiscal cliff’ (Fox News – Chuck Bentley) – “The fiscal cliff is itself the result of government’s interference in the private sector, destroying the climate necessary for solid economic growth.”

5 Things You Should Make Instead of Buy ( – “The idea of making more of my own cleaning supplies and personal care products is appealing. It sounds healthier for me, my wallet, and the planet.”

10 Rules for Holiday-Gift Giving in the Office (US News) – “Here are 10 rules for holiday gift-giving at the office. Follow them and you’ll keep your workplace merry this year.”

Invest In Your Wardrobe (Betterment) – “A calculated approach to shopping the sales is the savvy consumer’s best bet in adding to the wardrobe.”

Should You Friend Your Boss on Facebook? (Forbes) – “We’ve all had them—those friend requests on Facebook that you don’t really know if you want to “confirm” or “ignore.”

Tools for the Journey

Rob Kuban, OMD Contributor, is celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of “The Secret of Generosity”, and is doing an ebook giveaway promo.

For the month of December, anyone who emails Rob ( and puts “Free Ebook Giveaway” and the name of the site they saw the deal on, will get the ebook (PDF) emailed to them for FREE.  The E-book is the full version of the book, just in PDF format.

Secret of GenerosityEver felt like your pocket has a hole in it?  Big expectations followed only by disappointment?  If so, you are not alone.  Knowing that His people felt this way, the Lord spoke into our emptiness.  In the only direction we aren’t looking, He pointed the way towards redemption and restoration.  Generosity has a secret, a deep, liberating, and life-altering secret.  Discovering it will bring life to our souls and hope to our hearts.

In this book, we will learn:  The importance of generosity to our lives, not just our finances, the inseparability of generosity and Christianity, the freedom and joy found in living generously, the most important thing the Bible tells us to do with our money…the secret of generosity.

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