Financial Fitness Tips: Money Saving Tips from Grandparents, Teach Your Kids About Investing and More

Wow, what a week!  I flew to New Jersey for business on Monday, back home Thursday and heading out for a 7 hour drive Friday to go see family in Missouri.  As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.”  Boy, it’s easy to feel like that sometimes!

As busy as it was, I still managed to find some good financial fitness tips for you from personal finance blogs and financial media.  But first, here are the articles published here this week:

Personal Finance Blogs

Financial Fitness Tips: Money Saving Tips from Grandparents, Teach Your Kids About Investing and MoreKeeping Christ in Christmas Begins with Me (Freelance Homeschool Mom) – “Make sure you examine your own heart this Christmas season. Is Jesus first in your life? Is Christ the focus in your heart?”

4 Signs a House Is Overpriced (Personal Finance Mastery) – “Whether you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home or a real estate agent helping homeowners price their homes, you need to know how to spot a house that is overpriced so you don’t make the same mistake.”

Is It Okay to Borrow Money to Start a Business? – (The Financial Blogger) – “The web has opened up possibilities that were unfathomable many years ago. Folks are making money doing some pretty random things these days. But that’s a different story for a different day.”

3 Ways to Teach Your Kids about Investing (Money Smart LIfe) – “Don’t be afraid to talk about investing in your home, and let your child see some of the positive results. You’ll have savvier kids who are more likely to succeed financially later on.”

What Should You Buy: CDs or Digital Music? (The Christian Dollar) – “Should you go out and buy a physical copy of the album you want on a CD or should you fire up iTunes and download a copy?”

Financial Media

5 Reasons Your Online Networking Efforts Aren’t Working (US News) – “To maximize your chances of actually networking with someone you don’t know, you have to make sure the message is succinct, genuine, and something they can respond to easily.”

How To Solve Any Problem In Your Business By Remixing (Flash Issue) – “Here’s how you can solve any problem in your business by taking what someone has done before and remixing for yourself.”

Money Saving Tips From Your Grandparents (Yahoo Finance) – “We can all certainly take a leaf or two from our grandparents’ books when it comes to being frugal and thrifty.”

Declutter Your Home by Donating During the Holidays (Quicken Loans) – “A spring cleaning is always a popular thing to do, but why not do a fall/pre-holiday decluttering as well?”

How to get off credit card marketing lists (Ask Liz Weston) -

Dear Liz: Where can I sign up to have my name removed from the mailing lists for credit card offers?

Answer: You can remove yourself from marketing lists provided by credit bureaus to credit card and insurance companies by calling (888) 5-OPT-OUT (567-8688) or visiting You should see a significant reduction over time in the offers you receive, although you may still get unsolicited offers from other sources.

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Jason Price is a family man saved by grace, passionate about faithful financial stewardship (1 Cor 4:2 NIV), soccer and the Pacific sun.

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    Wow, I hope you get a chance to relax after being on the move! Thanks for mentioning the post on teaching your kids about investing.