Financial Fitness Tips Roundup: Average New Car Loans Up to 65 Months

New Car LoanWow!  I think we’re heading in the wrong direction if average new car loans are a record 65 months!  I know you can’t buy a car for what you used to, but it’s clearly obvious after reading this Yahoo Finance report that people are spending more for cars and extending the life of the loans.  A better alternative?  Buy used and drive it as long as you can.  In doing so, the depreciation of the vehicle will be much less so will your maintenance costs if you find a reliable car.

I was also interested in this article about car loans at Free Money Finance this week:  Help a Reader: When to Buy a Car.  The Free Money Finance community weighed in on whether or not it’s time for this student to get a new car considering some of the maintenance costs he’s experiencing.  Older cars may not be as desirable and require some maintenance, but they will typically cost you less than a monthly payment for a car loan.  Keep this in mind when you need extra money for giving, savings and other important priorities.

Here are some more articles that caught my interest this week:

How to Get More Money For Your Car When Selling It (Wealth Pilgrim) – This is a good guide to follow if you’re ready to sell your used car.

Is Knowing God’s Word on Money Good Enough? (Christian PF) – This is an article I published this week at  For those of you that don’t know, I typically write 1 – 2 articles per month there.

Good Grammar Should Be Everyone’s Business (Harvard Business Review) – Making sure you have a good grammar is more important for your career than you might think.

How To Use Social Media To Find A Job (Forbes) – This article provides a good overview of how to engage and network with people in social media.

You Want to Homeschool: Reasons for Homeschooling (Freelance Homes School Mom) – Here are some of the good reasons and bad reasons to home school.  I don’t think we’ll ever home school but I found this article very informative.

And in case you missed them, here are two articles published at One Money Design this week.

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Save More Money - I truly believe these methods will help you save more money.  You just have to be disciplined enough to follow them.

Stories of Living on Social Security and Why it’s Important to Invest for Retirement - Danny Kofke shares a couple of stories he found about people trying to make it on social security which provide good reason to invest adequately for retirement.

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