Financial Fitness Tips: Should you Own or Rent Your Home?

homeo wnershipThis week, Matt Bell from Sound Mind Investing offered a thought provoking post: Is home ownership a good thing? Based on today’s economic conditions, depreciation and maintenance costs can erode appreciation.

Personal Finance

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Business & Entrepreneurship

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Career & Work

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How A Cushy Job Can Be Your Ticket To Financial Freedom (Good Financial Cents) – How your current job may be a way to start your own business.

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  • Chris Holdheide

    The only thing I like about renting versus owning is the fact that when you rent you don’t have to pay any property taxes which can really be costly depending on where you live.

    • Jason Price

      I also think renting provides more flexibility. Matt states in his article home buying is still good for those who plan to be there a while (maybe 5 years or more). I used to be completely opposed to renting, but I’m not so sure anymore. It makes sense for certain situations.

  • Shawn @ PipsToday

    Hi Jason, that’s good financial
    tips for everyone. Jason, I am also trouble with my rent home there lots of
    problem occurs, so I am discuss with my wife and we planned to buy own home but
    due to some financial issue we are extend our plan, today I have read your
    article, Your financial tips are really helpful for me, Thanks Jason.