Financial Fitness Tips: Invasion of the Joneses!

This week I my wife sent me a great devotion on contentment from Karen Ehman at  It’s an eye opening reminder of how the Joneses are trying to invade our lives more than ever before.

Yes, the Joneses invade our homes and our thoughts several times a day through social media and the Internet, robbing us of contentment. Why?


Comparisons always deal a deathblow to our contentment.  When we see others owning, enjoying, or experiencing what we do not have, but wish we did, it may make us discontent.

I’ll be the first to admit there was a reason why my wife forwarded me this devotion.  I’ve struggled with comparisons lately with a number of things.  This website and my career to name a few.  I even posted recently about waiting on God’s timing.

If you’re struggle with comparisons and contentment, know that you’re not a alone.  Remember, contentment doesn’t come naturally, but it can be learned.  Check out  Philippians 4:11-13.

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