Financial Fitness Tips: Watch Free TV, Make Saving a Habit and More

Hopefully, you’re not too stuffed from Thanksgiving and enjoyed the holiday!  I’m still recovering from all the food but looking forward to plenty of Turkey sandwiches in the days to come.

I’m looking forward to this traditional day for our family.  We’re setting up the Christmas tree with the kids and their Elf on the Shelf will likely make his first visit tonight.  :)

I hope you enjoy your weekend and find these articles helpful for getting your finances in shape!

One Money Design Recap

What is the Role of Thankfulness in Biblical finance? [Christian Financial Alliance] (Rob Kuban) - Thankfulness is closely related to contentment. Perhaps the first step is being thankful for everything that God has provided or entrusted into our care.

Money Story: 4 Ideas that Helped Me Make a Financial Change (Guest) - I was living paycheck to paycheck, I had no savings, and all I wanted to do was to be able to enjoy life and not have to worry about money for once.

12 Tips to Have a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner (Jason) - Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Follow these 12 tips to help you have a budget friendly Thanksgiving dinner.

Financial Blog Roundup

Financial Fitness Tips3 Tips For Choosing A Financial Adviser (Smart on Money) – “When it comes to managing your money, sometimes it makes sense to get a little help.”

How to Watch Live Television for Free (Bargaineering) – “If you have an internet connection, you can pretty much watch any single television show you want.”

Don’t Ever Go To The Car Dealer For Service (Financial Samurai) – “Going to the dealer for car service is one big rip-off. If you’re off warranty, avoid them like the plague!”

How to Ace Your Yearly Employee Performance Review (See Debt Run) – “If you ace this review, you could be setting yourself up for a nice raise, a sweet bonus, and possibly even a promotion.”

How to Make Saving A Habit (Narrow Bridge) “Do you want to go on vacation next year or buy a car? Would you like to be able to eat out twice a month? Use saving as a way to make those things possible.”

Financial Media

Dogs vs. Cats: Which One Cost You More? [Photo Infographic] (Turbo Tax Blog) – “next time you wonder “How much is that doggie or kitty in the window?”, consider all the costs.

A Simple Way to Explain Successful Investing (Motley Fool) – “Those who buy stocks at low valuations will very likely do well over 10-year periods, while those who buy expensive stocks very likely won’t.”

So How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need? (Forbes) – “At the very least, you want to leave enough money so that your partner isn’t worried about how to pay the bills after your death.”

3 Tips to Buying and Using Gift Cards This Holiday Season ( – “Whether you’re shopping for gift cards for someone else or you’ve received one as a gift, there are some things you should know about them.”

Christmas Gifts That Can Teach Your Child About Finance (Yahoo Finance) – “why not give your child a gift that is not only fun, but educational as well.”

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