Financial Fitness Tips: Should You Trade-in or Sell your Used Car?

sell or trade in used carWe’re considering a new used car this year.  It’s definitely a topic of conversation with our Chevy Tahoe having over $130,000 miles.  I know it will ride much longer, as many well-kept vehicles do, but we do a lot of driving across country to see family and I want to make sure the family car is safe and is low risk of a break – down.  All that being said, I’m not sure if we’ll make the move or not.  But if we do, I’ll try to sell it myself verses trading it into a dealer.  Hah!  We probably won’t get much for it either way.  :)

If you’re thinking of trading in your car, think again.  This week Yahoo Finance shared reasons why it makes more sense to sell it yourself.

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  • Jose

    I’ve traded cars in before and it’s never been a pleasant experience. I’ve typically felt as if I should take a shower or two after the experience. You’re far better off selling the car yourself from a financial perspective. Craigslist is a good place to start. There is a lot of work, you need to detail the car, take a number of good pictures, front back sides and several of the interior and write a good ad and then get ready to deal with the calls. If you’ve priced it right (with some room for negotiation) you will sell it. typically for more than the dealer will give you.