Financial Fitness Tips: How to Book Cheap Airfare

You might think booking cheap airfare involves planning in advance and booking months and months before your flight. Not so.  According to this Yahoo Finance article booking 49 days in advance will get you the best deal.  Book over 200 days are as costly as traveling last minute.  Check out the article for more ways […]

Financial Fitness Tips: Are You a Shopaholic?

Do you enjoy shopping, but wondering if you take it too far?  This week, provides a handy checklist of 10 ways to tell if you’re a shopaholic.  The list includes points such as having at least one credit card maxed out, getting a high from walking into the mall and feeling guilty after you […]

Financial Fitness Tips: Ways You Might be Wasting Money without Knowing It

No one wants to waste money, but did you know you could be wasting money without realizing it?  Lifehacker shares 10 ways to waste money including trying to0 hard to save money (seriously) and having unclaimed money in your name. Financial Fitness Tips Personal Finance Getting Started With (Sound Mind Investing) – Helpful tips […]

Financial Fitness Tips Roundup: Average New Car Loans Up to 65 Months

Wow!  I think we’re heading in the wrong direction if average new car loans are a record 65 months!  I know you can’t buy a car for what you used to, but it’s clearly obvious after reading this Yahoo Finance report that people are spending more for cars and extending the life of the loans. […]

Financial Fitness Tips: Should You Trade-in or Sell your Used Car?

We’re considering a new used car this year.  It’s definitely a topic of conversation with our Chevy Tahoe having over $130,000 miles.  I know it will ride much longer, as many well-kept vehicles do, but we do a lot of driving across country to see family and I want to make sure the family car […]

Financial Fitness Tips: How to Avoid an Audit

A lot of people are concerned with getting audited.  It’s not because there is necessarily anything to hide, but because it can require a lot of work to go through an audit.  Yahoo Finance published an article this week, providing 10 tips to avoid an audit. Personal Finance How To Do Disney On A Budget (Frugal […]

Financial Fitness Tips: Should you Own or Rent Your Home?

This week, Matt Bell from Sound Mind Investing offered a thought provoking post: Is home ownership a good thing? Based on today’s economic conditions, depreciation and maintenance costs can erode appreciation. Personal Finance Three Drawbacks to the Dave Ramsey Plan (Simple Dollar) – General agreement to the Dave Ramsey plan, but a few areas of […]

Financial Fitness Tips: Invasion of the Joneses!

This week I my wife sent me a great devotion on contentment from Karen Ehman at  It’s an eye opening reminder of how the Joneses are trying to invade our lives more than ever before. Yes, the Joneses invade our homes and our thoughts several times a day through social media and the Internet, robbing […]

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage? [Financial Fitness Tips]

Should you refinance your mortgage?  That’s a question a lot of people are still trying to answer right now and there is more to it than you might think.  This week, I’m featuring a few articles that will help you make the decision, if you’re still on the fence. What about me?  Well, we haven’t […]

Financial Fitness Tips: Sell a Used Car, Interview Tips & Side Jobs

Well it’s time for another edition of weekly financial fitness tips!  And that also means happy Friday to you!  This week I’m categorizing all the articles by the categories of personal finance, career and business, hoping you’ll be able to quickly find the tips you care most about.  I seem to be blogging across these […]