Give Your Business A Great Story

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the movies. A great drama, science fiction, comedy all have one thing in common; they have a great story! The story about the characters captures our attention and before we know it, we find ourselves in the middle of the story and emotionally invested.

A recent article from reminded me the same can be true with your business.

If you believe you were born to be an entrepreneur, you may have envisioned greatness in your future many times. You may have been an audience member during an iconic figure’s speech and thought, “That could be me.” You may believe you hold the key to the next revolutionary idea, and that one day, the world will know.

The secret to achieving great success is telling your story effectively. A good story changes everything.

So how do you tell your story so that others become as invested as they might be in a great movie?

Share Your Experience

Blogging about something provides a great way to tell your story. Let’s take personal finance as an example. Many personal finance bloggers share tips and ideas to help people manage their money better. But there is often a story behind those tips and ideas the blogger, if willing, can share that includes their own personal experience. It might be about paying off debt, saving money, or a lesson learned when spending carelessly.

Communicate Your Passion

Blogging also provides a way to share what you’re passionate about. People who share those same dreams and passions can relate and may want to join along in your journey. For example, I like to write about my passion for stewardship and giving. My goal is to achieve financial freedom so I can be more generous with my time and money! I’m passionate about earning more to help others. I believe that’s a passion and mission you’ll find throughout this blog.

Help People

In general, people appreciate businesses that have great missions than just making money. These businesses have missions to help people and perhaps improve the world. They may be contributing to the fight against homelessness, poverty, disease, pollution, or have faith-filled missions. If your business has a greater mission than just making money, you have a story to tell!

Final Thought

People are looking for a great story whether it be in the movies or in business. Stories provide a way to relate to customers, Twitter followers, website visitors and so on. Find a way to get your story out there and you’ll find many people who might just be as passionate about it as you are.

What do you think of these ideas to tell a story for your business?

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