How to Get More Customers (or Subscribers) in Just a Few Weeks for Your Online Business

When I first started blogging and operating a website I thought that simply being online would bring traffic, subscribers and advertising sales.  I had the “build it and they will come” theory.  Obviously, this isn’t how the internet works.  You can’t just build an online store or blog and expect people to start showing up without putting forth some hard work.  It also takes time.  I’ve found the growth of this blog to be slow and steady.  I know some blogs and online businesses take off much quicker than others and have explosive growth.  I think it’s sort of the perfect storm that causes that and it doesn’t come around often.

Get More CustomersIf you’re trying to grow your online business and get more customers (or subscribers), you’ll appreciate some tips I recently came across.  There are no surprises here, but they’re simple and smart.  FlashIssue shared that they acquire their first 1000 customers in just a few weeks using them.

As a side note, you might check FlashIssue out.  I’ve been following them for a couple of months and really like the concept.  They provide a content curation tool that turns content you find into an email newsletter or roundup for your blog.

How to Get More Customers (or Subscribers)

Get active in social Media – The first thing they did was to get really active in social media.  They started tweeting and following people around their target keyword (content curation) on Twitter.

Visit meetups – It’s also important to take action offline, especially when you’re selling a product.  They visited local meetups and talked about their product with bloggers.  This generated product reviews.

Start a blog – Once they knew what keywords they wanted to target, they created a blog around those keywords.  Essentially, they started writing articles and sharing tips about content curation.

Guest post - Not only did they write articles on their own blog, they guest posted on other blogs.  In other words, they started writing articles about their expertise and worked with other bloggers to publish them.  This obviously drove traffic back to their website and created first- time customers.

Talk to potential customers – Finally, they spent time talking to customers online and demoing their product.  They got out there and got face to face with people, which I think is really important.  Here’s a tip:  Google Hangout provides this ability today and it’s free!  You can conduct interviews and meetups online and upload them to YouTube to share with people.

As I mentioned, there are no surprises here , if you’ve had any experience online.  FlashIssue was successful in just a few weeks reaching many customers.  In summary, I think it’s important to set goals around each of these areas.  Obviously, you’re not going to guest post everyday and you certainly don’t want to spend your entire day on Twitter.  Take some time to think about what a typical week might look like around these ideas.  Perhaps write one guest post per week, or tweet 5 or 6 times throughout the day, focus on 2 – 3 blog articles per week on your own blog, etc.  Come up with a strategy that works for you.  Follow these tips and I believe you’ll find great success.

How are you connecting with people in your small business (online or offline)?

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  • Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Great article Jason. I think do a lot of the same things you suggest. I find being social helps in a lot of ways from getting your name out there to helping improve the SEO qualities of my site. On top of that I would have to agree that guest posting can work hugely in your favor as well driving traffic and improving your standing in the search engines as well.