ING Direct Transformation to Capital One 360 – What Can Customers Expect?

You may or may not have heard that Capital One bought out ING Direct February 17, 2012.  On November 1, 2012 they legally became one bank.  As a long time customer of the  ING Orange savings account, I thought I would share what I know about this transformation.

I’ve written quite a bit about ING.  You can read my review of the ING Orange Savings Account and will find a mention of it on my best online savings account page and resources page.  I’ve also written a review about the ING Orange for Kids Savings account and mention the Electric Orange checking on my best online checking accounts page.

ING Direct Transformation to Capital One 360Come February, 2013, the transformation will be completed and ING Direct will change it’s name to Capital One 360.  The new home will become  As an ING customer, I’m relieved that Capital One has reported day to day banking for ING customers will not be impacted.

Capital One has been very open about this commitment.  They sent customers a pledge via email that included their commitment to offer value, keep it simple with easy to use digital and mobile access, a commitment to human touch and contact and finally, a commitment to innovate with a customer first focus.  They also encouraged customers to contact them via email or Twitter should customers feel Capital One isn’t upholding the pledge.

ING Direct to Capital One 360 Changes

Here is a summary of the changes you can expect with this transformation as recently reported by Capital One.  If you’re a current customer, you may have received another email sharing these changes.

  • The Capital One 360 account will continue the no fee and no minimums checking and savings accounts that have been offered by ING.  All your account information will stay the same which includes your customer number, pin, account numbers, etc.
  • The Orange Savings will be called 360 Savings.  The Kids Savings Account, Business Savings Account and Business CD names are all staying the same.
  • The Electric Orange will be called 360 Checking.  The name is staying the same for Money, the teen debit account
  • Worried about your debit card?  Don’t be.  Now there are will not be any charges for foreign transaction fees.
  • You can continue to depositing checks from your computer or the mobile app.  You’ll be able to get cash at 38,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs, plus 200 more Capital One ATMs.

Overall, I gather these changes are more around the branding and have minimal impact on account features and customers.  However, it still remains to be see whether or not Capital One can offer the great customer service that has made ING one of the preferred online banks.  I’ll continue to update this post as I learn more and when the transformation is completed in the near future.

Are you an ING customer?  If so, what do you think about the ING to Capital One 360?

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