Best Travel Apps to Make Your Life Easier on the Road

Many people say smartphones like the IPhone and Android have changed how we live our lives. Smartphones put the Internet in the palm of our hands and allow us to be truly mobile. The best thing about owning a smartphone is simply the apps. There are millions of apps out there and new ones coming […]

Best Personal Finance and Budget Apps to Manage Your Money on the Go

I have a simple question. If we are always on the go and our money is always moving at the same time, what is the best way to manage it? Smartphones have made us mobile, but now more than ever we need the ability to manage our money mobile as well. The good thing is, […]

Best Coupon Apps for Saving Money

There is a lot of disagreement in this world, but the one universal thing every single one of us can agree on is the fact that we all love to get a great deal. When we get a “deal” on an item we get excited. That excitement makes our heart beat fast and gives us […]

5 Ideas to Move the Management of Your Finances to the Cloud

personal finance cloud

Have you ever thought about moving the management of your finances to the cloud?  What is the cloud anyway?  It’s a buzzword that’s used to describe the use of software as a service over the internet.  This is nothing new.  A lot of companies are providing online services which means you never have to install […]

Quicken Deluxe 2013 Personal Finance Software Review

Quicken Deluxe Budgeting

I’ve reviewed a lot of personal finance software here on the blog and figured it was about time to provide a Quicken Deluxe review given Quicken is probably the most well-known personal finance software product available.  Quicken, by Intuit, has been around for as long as I can remember.  The first product I used was Microsoft […]

Best Personal Finance and Budgeting Software

One of the best ways families can get their finances in order is to use personal finance software.  In this post, I consider two types and share what I think is the best personal finance software. Family budget software primarily focuses on setting up a budget and tracking you spending.  Each product has it’s own features […]

PowerWallet Review: Free Personal Finance Software and Online Offers and Deals


PowerWallet is new personal money management software that helps you create a budget, track spending, manage and pay bills and save with customized coupons and deals.  PowerWallet recently reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their free online service as well as partnering with them, assuming I felt it […]

You Need a Budget 4 Review – YNAB Cloud Sync, UI Improvements and More

YNAB 4 Reporting

YNAB 4 was released earlier this year and it’s about time I shared my thoughts on the new version with everyone. Just to recap, I started using YNAB almost two years ago by accident (YNAB 3 review). I set out to write a series of money management software review articles. Software is a passion of […]