Personal Finance Blog Roundup: Paying Down Debt, Home Loans, Summer Vacation Savings and More

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a roundup here on the blog.  Lately, I’ve been trying to spend more time lately reading other personal finance blogs and there is no shortage of good articles and helpful tips.  I thought I would share a few of them with you today.  A roundup always makes for some good weekend reading if you’re looking to learn something new about personal finance or apply some great tips to your situation.

Paying Down Debt With Gazelle Intensity? How Much Of An Emergency Fund Do You Need? (Bible Money Matters) -Check out this hybrid approach to the Dave Ramsey snowball method and determine if this might work for you.

How to Do Less — and Why You Should (Wisebread) -Sometimes doing less is more.  Personally, I’ve felt a big need to just sit still and be quiet.  Yesterday, I stepped away from work for a break and just enjoyed the outdoors for 10 minutes without look at my iPhone.  We tend to fill our lives too full of busyness.

Personal Finance Blog Roundup

20 Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance (Out of Your Rut) – I found this article particularly informative and thought it would be a great one for unemployed people looking for a job who need insurance.  This might be a great way to get back in the workforce and get health insurance coverage.

25 Things to Never Pay Full Price For (Free Money Finance) – Wise Bread lists 25 things to never pay full price for and I think this is a list worth reviewing to avoid overpaying for these items.

We Received Our New Home Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter (PT Money) -Head over to PT Money and checking out this article as PT is in the midst of buying a home with his wife.  I’m sure we’ll here more about this in the near future.  Congrats, PT!

How to Save Money on Summer Vacations (Frugal Dad) – This is a timely post as many of us are ramping up for summer vacations!  They are fun, relaxing and refreshing, but we all know it comes with a price.  Solid tips here.

5 Lessons Every Child Should Know About Money (MoneyNing) – One of our jobs as parents is to train our children and money matters is certainly a huge responsibility and one I care deeply about.  Continue to look for more articles on this topic here at OMD and check out these 5 lessons that parents need to teach.

6 Tips to Get Approved for a Home Mortgage Loan (Money Crashers) -We live in a different world today because of the mortgage crisis.  It’s important to stay updated on this subject, especially if you’re considering purchasing a home.  Time to reeducate yourself and before applying for your loan!

My Biggest Announcement in 7 Years (Matt About Money) – I’m so pleased to share this article because I admire the work Matt Bell does for the Lord and the exciting news he shares here.  Matt will be joining up with Sound Mind Investing, another awesome Christian financial resource, that just got even better!

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy these articles!

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Jason Price is a family man saved by grace, passionate about faithful financial stewardship (1 Cor 4:2 NIV), soccer and the Pacific sun.

  • Kevin M

    Hi Jason, thanks for including my post.  I agree with who you said it could benefit, in addition to the self-employed or anyone who can’t get health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. 

    I’ve only done a few round-ups but it looks like I need do it again to return the favor!