Ready for Zero Review

Ready for Zero is free online debt payment software that provides the ability to link accounts and create a personalized plan to get out of debt.  The software provides a number of features including a mobile app, the ability to link debt accounts such as credit cards and loans, alerts and calendar sync.  There are […]

Capital One 360 Savings Review

Online savings accounts, such as the Capital One 360 (formally ING  Orange Savings) are great options to consider for short-term savings needs, emergency accounts, etc.   They pay better interest versus traditional brick mortar banks because they don’t require the overhead.  Their services are typically limited online business, phone and email to save on costs. Overall, […]

Save Money and Save Lives with [Video Interview]

This week I had the opportunity to host a Google Hangout with Todd Smith, one of the co-founders of Save1.  I was excited to learn more about Save1 after visiting the website and seeing Todd and his family have a passion for helping people save money and feed hungry children with a portion of their earnings.  What […]

File Taxes for Free with TurboTax Online Software

How do you plan to file your taxes this year?  Do you plan to file your taxes yourself, or pay for the services of a professional?  A few years ago I would have never have chosen to file my taxes myself and I had an extremely straight-forward tax situation.  Why did I feel this way?  […]

Quicken Deluxe 2013 Personal Finance Software Review

I’ve reviewed a lot of personal finance software here on the blog and figured it was about time to provide a Quicken Deluxe review given Quicken is probably the most well-known personal finance software product available.  Quicken, by Intuit, has been around for as long as I can remember.  The first product I used was Microsoft […]

PowerWallet Review: Free Personal Finance Software and Online Offers and Deals

PowerWallet is new personal money management software that helps you create a budget, track spending, manage and pay bills and save with customized coupons and deals.  PowerWallet recently reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their free online service as well as partnering with them, assuming I felt it […]

You Need a Budget 4 Review – YNAB Cloud Sync, UI Improvements and More

YNAB 4 was released earlier this year and it’s about time I shared my thoughts on the new version with everyone. Just to recap, I started using YNAB almost two years ago by accident (YNAB 3 review). I set out to write a series of money management software review articles. Software is a passion of […]

Manage Your Bills with Manilla

I recently signed up for Manilla and am now happily enjoying one secure place to view my bills, statements and any notices from all my providers.  Manilla provides automatic reminders to let me know when my bills are due or even when reward points are about to expire.  I can also set custom email or […] Review: Get Rewarded for Your Savings

Type review into Google and you’ll find nothing but glowing responses. No “newbie” to the Internet, it’s clear to me that there must be a financial reward behind these reviews. But, you come to for the honest truth about finances, savings, and debt. So, I’m doing my homework to give you a clear […]

Pay Off Debt: SavvyMoney Review

At the recommendation of a friend, I checked out SavvyMoney (previously called DebtGoal) which is a website and online program designed to help you pay off of your debt!  I like anything to do with paying off your debt.  I began by reading about the company, and I have to admit the first thing I […]