9 Savvy Ways to Save Money on Airline Tickets

Are you interested in saving some money on airline tickets?  I am!  My wife and I fly once or twice a  year for personal trips and I’m on a plane at least 4 or 5 times for business.  You actually can save a lot of money, but you just have to know how to do it.  We’ve flown free many times because of earning airline miles and I’ve also have found a number of ways to get discounts by doing a little research on the web.  Implementing these tips should help you cut the cost of travel and enjoy some affordable personal trips!

Save Money on Airline Tickets

save money on airline tickets1. Sign up for rewards – Before you make any reservations, make sure you’ve signed up for an airline frequent flyer number.  Also, try to limit your bookings to an airline you prefer and use that one as much as possible.  Doing so will maximize your airline mile earnings.

2. Use a credit card with reward miles - Our primary way of saving money on airline tickets is using our Citi AAdvantage MasterCard.  We earn 1 mile for every dollar spent on the card.  We use the card for our everyday spending as well as to pay bills.  The miles add up fast and we always make sure we pay the card off every month because we manage our money with a household budget.

3. Clear out cache and cookies  - A nice little trick when searching for tickets is to make sure you clear your cache before conducting a new search.  I’ve read that airline and travel websites remember you and so it’s always best to clear your browser cache and delete your cookies before conducting a new search to make sure you’re getting updated rates, especially when your searches are a few days apart.

4. Search for one ticket at a time – According to an article I found on lifehacker.com, it’s a good idea to search for just one ticket at a time, even when you know more than one person will be traveling.  This helps make sure you find the best price for a single ticket before buying more than one.

5. Consider alternative airports in the same city or area – When I travel on business to the Northeast, I’ve noticed that some airports have better rates than others.  It all depends on the city, but it’s worth checking flights at the different airports as you’ll likely notice some price differences and many times it’s not that inconvenient to choose an alternative airport.

6. Book directly with the airlines – Believe it or not, booking with an airline directly can be cheaper.  The discount sites get a commission from the airlines according to ABC.com that can be from $10 to $15.  Follow your favorite airlines via their social media channels to see if there offering any special deals and then use those deals to book directly.

7. Move your travel day – The more flexible your plans, the better.  Try alternative travel days.  For instance, it may be cheaper to fly home on a Tuesday or Wednesday versus a Sunday.  We always try a lot of different alternatives when searching on sites such as Kayak.com before purchasing our tickets.  It makes a difference!

8. Book online to avoid booking fees – If you do choose to book directly with any airline, make sure you do it online.  Booking over the phone will cost more because of the fees.  Airlines actually want you to book online because it’s cheaper for them too!  You can save at least $20 per ticket booking online.

9. Know cheapest days to fly – According to FoxNews.com, Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly.  However, they’re not always the cheapest days to buy!  They advise customers to sign up for airfare alerts to be notified of special deals and that’s exactly what my wife and I do.  We each get an email in our inbox each week providing all the flight specials and when we can book them at those rates.

Are you a savvy traveler?  If so, have you used any of these tips to save money on airline tickets, or perhaps you have some tips of your own you can share!  Let me know your best tips in the comments!

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Jason Price is a family man saved by grace, passionate about faithful financial stewardship (1 Cor 4:2 NIV), soccer and the Pacific sun.