Are there Advantages to Leasing a Car?

I thought I would take an unconventional approach with this article and look at some of the advantages of leasing a car.  There are some things about a lease that can be attractive. Now,. I know full well that leasing is by far the most expensive way to buy a car.  It’s more expensive than […]

What are the Pros and Cons of Leasing a Car?

Have you ever thought about leasing a car versus buying one?  Leasing a car provides the opportunity to drive a newer car without some of the hassles of owning.  However, it’s commonly known that leasing is more expensive in the long-run than buying a used or new car.  Take a look at this analysis from […]

10 Spring Cleaning and Auto Maintenance Tips for Your Car

It’s springtime, and that makes now the perfect time for some spring cleaning tips and basic auto maintenance for your car. Winter is over, and so is the generally harsh weather that comes at that time of year. Summer will be here soon enough, and with it will come weather challenges to your car from […]

Sell Your Used Car or Trade it in?

This can be a tough choice. Sell your used car yourself and you’ll get more for it. But if you’re looking to make the exchange quickly and easily it’s better to trade it in and get on with the purchase of a new car. Which way you decide to go may depend on personal circumstances. […]

How to Buy a Used Car Guide

This how to buy a used car guide is meant to help people who are struggling with the decision for when to buy a used car versus keeping their existing car, understand the true cost of car ownership and why it make sense to buy used as well as other tips to buy a used […]

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

I was recently reminded of why it is so important to have an emergency fund in place and why we choose to live below our means.  Tracy and I both drive older cars that are completely paid off.  In fact, we have not had a car payment for over 7 years.  Tracy drives a 2005 […]

What Affects Car Insurance Rates?

It may seem like a mystery to some motorists what affects car insurance, but there is a rhyme and reason to how car insurance companies calculate your insurance rates. In fact, insurance companies most often use a mathematical algorithm to decide what rate a certain motorist should receive by entering their information into a database, […]

Save Money When Renewing Your Car Insurance

When it comes to saving money on car insurance premiums, there are many options available, but the best opportunity might be when you are renewing your car insurance coverage. Insurance companies understand that they must satisfy their clients, because when it comes time to renew your policy, you always have the option to choose a […]

10 Tips for Getting a Cheaper Car Insurance Quote

It’s a chore we go through at least once a year and it always feels like time that could be better spent elsewhere, but car insurance is a legal requirement , so you might as well try to get the best deal you can. Here are 10 things to bear in mind the next time […]

Tips to Maximize Your Gas Mileage

Our family takes a lot of road trips throughout the year.  We’re on the road for at least a 3 hour trip every few months since both sets of grandparents live out of town.   You can probably imagine this can add up in gasoline costs and can make travel unaffordable when the price per gallon […]