Stewardship Definition: A Look at the Basic Principles

What is stewardship?  The basic stewardship definition that most people refer to is the management or care of something.  You can be a steward of many things including a project at work, a piece of property, family possessions and more. The type of stewardship I’m going to share is related to money and possessions.  The […]

Save, Pray and Wait

Have you ever wanted to buy a house but can’t afford the monthly payments or don’t have 20% for a down payment?  Or, have you thought about getting a new car, but don’t want a car payment or perhaps the monthly cost is out of your reach? There is an uncommon answer to these common […]

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and Crown Money Map Review

Do you prefer Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps or the Crown Money Map?  Dave Ramsey created the Baby Steps and Crown Financial Ministries created the Money Map for prioritizing and setting financial goals.  I think both are great resources that help provide focus and prevent you from diluting your efforts in trying to work on too […]

Financial Tools [Christian Financial Alliance]

The Christian Financial Alliance  was created to help readers.  The idea is this:  Create a panel of biblical finance gurus.  People who take seriously the call to teach the Bible accurately with grace and truth.  Once a month, we post a question with a response from our panel to provide you with well-rounded, sound, biblical advice.  For more on the […]

Hurry Up and Wait on God: A Lesson in Faith and Business

Sometimes with my online business I feel like I’m on a bicycle pedaling as fast as I can, but I’m only moving forward a few inches at time.  The bicycle doesn’t seem to move any faster, even if I pedal harder.  Have you ever felt this way about anything?  If so, you know it’s easy […]

10 Bible Verses About Hope to Help with Life’s Challenges

Life is full of challenges and as one ends, the next one likely begins.  No matter what challenges we may face, we can have hope through our savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  I found these Bible verses about hope to be encouraging and uplifting.  I pray they are to you too. Isaiah 43:2 - When you […]

Thoughts on What Really Matters in Life

This past Thanksgiving we had a lot of family come and spend the wonderful holiday with us.  My brother, brother-in-law, both of my sister-in-laws, 4 nieces and 1 nephew all made the journey up from Florida.  My grandmother, mom and dad also joined Tracy, Ava, Ella and me for dinner.  At times it was chaotic […]

How to Prosper from Financial Problems

How do you overcome and prosper from financial problems as a Christian? Biblical financial ministry, Crown, shares there are two perspectives: For some, discouragement, depression, and self pity are the result of problems and adversity. For others, problems are a challenge and help to bring about faith, trust, and victory. Christians are admonished to be […]

Financial Manifesto

When I visit a blog and consider following it regularly, especially one about money, I like to know the financial beliefs of the writer(s). The following is a manifesto that outlines my beliefs and opinions about money. Always manage your money with a spending plan or budget. Everyone’s budget looks different. Some are more detailed […]

Financial Fitness Tips: Stewardship, True Cost of an iPhone 5, Spending Triggers and More

This was a big week for One Money Design.  I revealed the new tag line - Prove Faithful.  Prove faithful will hopefully serve as a reminder and call to action to financial stewards who are trying to manage their money God’s way.  I’d like to encourage you to read my post where I share more about […]