12 Great Home Inspection Tips Every Buyer Should Know

I’ve become more knowledgeable about home inspections and the importance of them because my father-in-law is a certified home inspector in the state of Louisiana. As a home inspector, he’s focused primarily on helping buyers identify problems with their future home before they take the big step to purchase it. After all, buying a home […]

10 Yard Sale Tips for the Best Return

I love garage sales. Yard sale tips are something I enjoy sharing because everyone should live well no matter the budget. I’ve had some wildly successful sales in the past and discovered some great frugal advice from shopping at yard sales. Whether you’re having a yard sale or shopping at garage sales, you’ll find these […]

12 Practical (and a few Goofy) Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs

There are plenty of ways to save money on your air conditioning costs this summer. Don’t be stuck with an outrageously high bill! I’ve managed to come up with some practical, as well as a few goofy, ways to help. None of them alone are going to drastically reduce your bill, but together, the savings […]

Why Selling Your Home by Owner Might be a Mistake

It’s probably more common than not to consider selling your home yourself. When you do, you become a “for sale by owner”, better known in real estate jargon by it’s abbreviation, as a FSBO. There’s one very big advantage to doing this, but also a lot more reasons why you might not want to go […]

Wasted Home Space: What to do When You Buy More House than You Need

About six years ago my wife and I bought a home in the North Dallas area.  We bought a spec home as we did with our last home.  The home building process was already underway when we signed the contract.  We weren’t able to make major floor plan changes, but could still make decisions on […]

How to Sell a House by Owner Fast | 5 Golden Rules to Market Your FSBO

You want to sell your home fast, and you’ve decided to sell by owner and save real estate commissions. Even if you’re using a real estate agent, you can glean some good advice by following the “Golden Rules” for marketing your FSBO home. Avoid the pitfalls many people make; pitfalls that can cost you money. […]

How to Sell a House by Owner – Simple Guide to Follow

The complexities of how to sell a house by owner verses a real estate agent aren’t as difficult as you might think. If you’ve previously been fearful of selling without a real estate agent because you’re not sure where to start, or what to do, a little planning and research is all you need to […]

A Seller’s Market isn’t Good Enough: 8 Tips to Prepare Your House to Sell Fast

Over the past few weeks I’ve had two real estate agents contact me about selling our house. One told me there is a shortage of houses in the market. “Finally” one agent said.  “It’s now a buyers’ market!” This month’s Money magazine’s title is, “Housing is Back!” And some friends had two offers on their […]

Important Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Hiring for a Home Project

You’ve asked yourself if your home project is a DIY, but it’s not. What’s next on your mind? Questions to ask a contractor! I’ll never forget walking into the kitchen of my 100-year-old historically registered home while the granite countertops were being installed. The countertops were 2 inches too long, and I walked in just […]

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting DIY Home Projects

Last year I took on a DIY home project to fix our air conditioning unit that needed a new fan motor.  I saved a lot of money, but it wasn’t without investing an entire day of my time and dealing with some  frustration and stress.  I’m also in the process of staining our fence in […]